Senior Dating

What dating services for seniors exist

There are many dating services for seniors. The most obvious is to ask your family and friends for suitable introductions. But there are some more unusual varieties. You just need to know a little about each type to pick the one most suitable for your requirements. There is no harm in trying a few different arrangements in order to find a new partner.

Online senior dating sites:

There is a perception that people of a certain age are scared of technology but the evidence suggests otherwise. People are realising that in order to stay on top of things, they need to learn new skills. For those that have retired, they have ample time and opportunity to see what the internet has to offer them. Whilst they may not listen to the latest Itune, they could be using kindle to hear their favourite authors new book.

So how does a senior online dating service work? They usually require a fee of some sort – some are more expensive than others. In return, you can register your details and a photograph. You can browse through the site looking for potential matches based on the criteria you have entered i.e. Male or female, age range, financial status, marital status etc.

Sometimes the people who join these sites are not looking for long term romantic attachments, just some new friends of both sexes. Given their age, they may be restricted by immobility or illness and look online to find friends to correspond with. Long lasting friendships start every day by email much in the same way that people long ago used to enjoy with their pen pals.

But online dating isn’t for everyone so what else can you find on the senior dating circuit.

2) Senior Speed Dating

The idea of this made me laugh out loud. Come on – when was the last time you associated speed with senior?

What exactly is speed dating? A group of people gather in a room and the organiser asks roughly half the group to take their seats at tables designed for two. The other half of the group rotates their way around the tables.

You sit and chat and when the bell rings, you move onto the next table. Everyone has to move on, no lingering even if she is your ideal mate. You have a piece of paper on which you make a note whether you would be interested in seeing that person again. At the end of the evening, the organiser collects the notes and contacts everyone advising them who their matches were. Only those names on your yes list that said yes to you, will be given to you.

This is quite a pleasurable way to spend an evening if you are young at heart although I think they should change the name. Speed just doesn’t come into it at our age!

These are only two of the more unusual dating services for seniors. Which one would you try and why?

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